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Stoney Point Vintage Airfield, a private airport located between Georgia 400 and Stoney Point Road, is a time capsule of aviation’s past.  The small 2500-foot grass runway is home to a dozen or so antique aircraft that are lovingly cared for and preserved for future generations by their pilot owners.  The Airfield and contiguous lots comprise approximately 75 acres of land. With lot’s averaging nearly 4 acres each, the airport has an undeveloped quality and plenty of woods and meadows for the resident deer, rabbits, geese, and owls.  Stoney Point Airfield is owned, collectively, by the 18 pilot families who base their aircraft at the field. The airfield also serves as a buffer between higher density residential and industrial developments to the west and lower density residential developments to the east of the airfield.

Many South Forsyth residents are surprised to learn that an active airport runway exists just a stone’s throw from their neighborhoods.  However, when the weather is nice outside, Stoney Point Pilot’s will take to the air to the delight of passersby and long-time neighbors who much prefer the pleasing rumble of a radial aircraft engine to the shrill whine of a leaf blower.

Stoney Point Pilots regularly donate their time to give “first flights” to Boy Scout, Girl Scout and other youth groups from Forsyth County.  Stoney Point Pilots were instrumental in providing early relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina via the Angel Flight pilot network.  Pilots from Stoney Point delivered thousands of pounds of much-needed supplies and then flew storm victims back to Atlanta where they could be reunited with their families.

Stoney Point Airfield might one day prove to be a valuable staging point for relief flights should Forsyth County be subject to a natural disaster.  In recent years Stoney Point Airfield has served as an emergency landing strip for several aircraft in distress that might otherwise have had to land on busy highways or other more dangerous locations.  One such incident occurred when a U.S. Marine Corps Super Cobra helicopter made an emergency landing at Stoney Point Airfield because of  mechanical problems.  The aircraft was repaired the next day and flown on to its home base at Dobbins Army Airfield. A letter of commendation from the Corps was delivered to Stoney Point pilots for their assistance and cooperation in providing a safe haven for the aircraft and flight crew after the incident.

Stoney Point Vintage Airfield reminds all those who visit of an era when beautiful fabric-covered aircraft flew from grass runways and drifted lazily across the skies.  For the children of Forsyth County families who stop at the Airfield gate and watch Stearman Bi-planes or Piper Super Cubs take to the air, the Airfield is a reminder that dreams really can take flight.
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