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  • Fall Festival 2005 11/05/05
    Many Children (and adults) were able to share in our excitment for aviation and to take their first ever airplane flights. The smiles on their faces and the noses pressed hard up against the windows told the story and is the reason we love to hold events like this one.
  • Photos of our entrance gate and some of the local planes. These photos were taken by Lou furlong one of the Stoney Point Field residents.

  • Photos of Jay lands new Skybolt. What a cool toy this thing is and the smoke system is good for misquotes too.

  • About 60 photos of the various Biplanes at Stoney Point field.

  • Wright Brothers This movie was produced to show to the children at Big Creek Elementry School and in celebration of of the first 100 years of powered flight. Along with the children getting to see and touch actual photos and signatures of the Wright Brothers, John Glenn and Neal Armstrong (the first man on the Moon) one of our residents was able to fly his ultralight and land at the school so the children could see and touch the aircraft and then see it fly out of the field. Elijah Whitney (with a little help from dad) produced this 15 minute movie about the Wright brothers with photographs and films of flying in our community. It is a long download even on DSL but it does stream but If you would like an actual Video contact

  • Photos from the Memorial Day 2003 party at Stoney Point. About 50-75 folks drove or flew in for a day of fun. Big planes, RC planes, Zing Wings and even a pedal plane were all part of the day's festivities. These photos were supplied by Andy Isburgh from the very nice Whispering Pines Airport community. I was to busy playing to shoot any photos so Thanks Andy!

  • Pylon Races with the Zagi 16/16/2001
    This is a 14 Meg Quicktime movie of Greg, Nick, Lou and Cliff doing a little pylon racing in front of my hanger. These things are fast and if you think two look cool rounding the turns you should see all four.

  • Fall Festival and Fly-In, October 2000
    The 2000 event was the largest to date with over 100 visitors taking part in the days activities. Jumpy things, a big slide, horse rides and more present in the beautiful fall air. Russ thrilled the crowd by Skydiving out of a hot air balloon. Many Young Eagle rides were given and every one enjoyed Doug's BBQ.

  • Views of the Gapa UltraLight Sailplane
    Imported and fully certified this lightweight Sailplane is as fun as it looks.

  • Superfloater UltraLight Sailplane
    Cliffs Superfloater is part 103 legal. It's lightweight construction makes soaring easy and it's open air pilots seat makes the view incredible.
  • See the Super Floater movie
    This is a 3.2 Meg Quicktime movie of My SuperFloater Ultralight Sailplane. Greg Bitzer took the movies of me in it During November 2001 on a Typical day at Stoney Point. If you need the plug-in visit
  • Trip to Hodges Hobbies
    Hodges Hobbies is the SPHOAs favorite place to stock up on the latest RC toys. They have a full selection of RC gear and we can fly down and land in front of their shop. Mac and Tony are also great to deal with.

  • Various Ultralight Images
    These photos are provided by Cliffs good friend Dan Johnson. Visit him at Dan is an aviation author and does work for many aviation publications.

  • Vic Taxi Testing his new RV6
    These are photos of Vic Syracuse Taxi testing his newly built RV6. What a beauty.

  • Whitney's Front Yard Work, June 2001
    Lots of dirt work makes a new yard look good! Cliff and Gail with the help of Jay land took the hill off of their front yard to make for a better view and an improvement in airflow for the runway.

  • 8/19/2001 Day with NASA
    On August 19th we were visited by The North Atlanta Soaring Association (NASA). What a treat to see all of the high tech Carbon and Glass wings. Man were these things cool!

  • Cals Porta Potty
    Sandra said she would not fly in it until it had a bathroom so Cal being the good husband he is, installed one!
  • New Drag-N-Fly Tow plane arrives
    Cliff and Greg are the proud new owners of a Bailey-Moyes Drag-N-Fly. These are the delivery photos. The tug is used to pull up the Hang Gliders as well as the Super Floater.

  • Memorial Day 1999
    These are photos from our communities first ever get together. Held at the Whitney's hanger on Memorial day 1999. Over fifty friends and neighbors came and enjoyed the day with us.

  • Memorial Day 2001
    Great food and good times were had at the third annual event. Check out the Photos of Greg Bitzers new RV6 along with the rest of the Stoney Point Aircraft.

  • Sun-N-Fun 2001
    Greg, Vic, Carol and Cliff made the trip down to Lakeland to dueling RV's for one day of the 2001 Sun-N-Fun fly-in. It was a great trip and we made it down and back in a single day with plenty of time to see the show.

  • Paulas Musgroves 50th Birthday Party
    On August 25 2001 members of the Stoney Point neighborhood along with nearly 200 friends and family members gathered at the Musgrove hanger to celebrate the 50th birthday of Paula Musgrove. The party featured Airplane rides by Cliff and Lou. A 6500 ft sky dive out of the Re/max Hot Air Balloon Piloted by Super Stewart and resident jumper Russ Still. A radio control model aerobatics show by Jay and Steve from Wolf Camera, tethered hot air balloon rides for all of the guest and even the Super Floater made a flight. Doug Davis cooked about a hundred pounds of the best BBQ we have ever had and a full keg as well as some home brew with plenty of sides and deserts topped off a great day and got us all in the mood for the band Second hand Smoke who performed till the wee hours of the morning. Happy Birthday Paula you helped us all feel younger!

  • Stearman Afternoon 2.4 Meg downloadable Movie.
    It was a great afternoon on 10/18/2001. Dennis was getting his final check ride in his new yellow toy and Cal was doing a little instruction with Vic to make sure his Stearman was running well and ready for more flight after class B re-opens.

  • Jeff Perrys New Cirrus SR22 N777JP
    The N number and the smile says it all! These are shots of Jeff Perrys new Cirrus SR22 which arrived at it's new home at Stoney Point during the first week of November. Powered by a 310 HP IO-550 it is as clean and fast as it looks.

Zac and Elijah. Future Pilots

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